13 January 2019 until 25 March 2019
In Practice: Other Objects

In Practice: Other Objects group show at SculptureCenter NYC.

30 November 2018 until 12 January 2019

Duo show at the Kitchen with David Bernstein.

25 November 2018 until 28 November 2018
Printing Plant Art Book Fair

A Sculpture Like You and Me Can be found at: The Printing Plant at Looiersgracht 60

03 September 2018 until 30 September 2018

Residency at VHDG in Leeuwarden.

11 August 2018 until 18 August 2018
Wat is kunst?

Workshop at Buitenkunst for every-
one aged 16 and above. More info.

02 July 2018 until 12 July 2018
EAP Marseille

I’m selected by Castrum Peregrini for a place in an EAP course on participatory art, taking place at the University of Aix-Marseille.

22 June 2018 until 22 September 2018
GET LOST Artroute

Artroute in public space showing a new big work of mine called 'Demo'. More info.

22 June 2018 until 24 February 2019

installation/performance in public space, Amsterdam. More info.

27 April 2018 until 29 April 2018

Sculptureperformance at Ter Dilft, Bornem (BE).

12 April 2018 until 08 July 2018
Bureau of Unspecified Services

Groupshow at SALT Galata, Istanbul.

15 December 2017 until 14 January 2018

Duo-exhibition with Mariko Kuwahara at Corridor Project Space Amsterdam.

12 October 2017
3Package Deal

Event that brings work of 15 artists of all disciplines together, showing the results of a year supported by the 3Package Deal.

06 September 2017
Pakhuis de Zwijger

Conversation about the added value of having a studio space to my practice. video documentation.

01 September 2017
Teaching at Kabk

Exporing performance, film and installation with students of the Kabk in The Hague, Preparatory Year 2018.

19 August 2017 until 26 August 2017
Buitenkunst Randmeer

Workshops open to everyone aged 16+, at Buitenkunst Randmeer.

05 August 2017 until 12 August 2017
Buitenkunst Drenthe

Workshops open to everyone aged 16+, at Buitenkunst Drenthe.

14 July 2017 until 23 July 2017

Margit Odems and I perform our new piece ’Mensding' on a ferry during Over het IJ festival 2017.

03 June 2017
Mensding - preview

Margit Odems and I show a fragment or our new piece ’Mensding' during Making Waves at Nieuw Dakota.

12 May 2017 until 14 July 2017

Presentation of 'Bike and Frame‘ (2015) in the entrance hall of Weesperstraat 432.

29 April 2017 until 04 June 2017
Chinese Whispers

Groupshow at Galerie Rianne Groen, showing 'Pocketwork' and 'Sculpture Luggage'.

23 March 2017
Linköping University

Medical Ethicist S. Boers and I went to Sweden to present our publication and performance there.

08 February 2017 until 12 February 2017
Art Rotterdam

'A sculpture like you and me' and 'Sculpture Luggage' are on show in the Prospects & Concepts area. Also we'll release our publication there!

08 November 2016 until 28 January 2017
Contemporary Art Brussels

'Platzierung' ​(2014)​ ​and 'Zouden Zullen Zijn' (2015)​ are on show at CAB in 'Inhabited by​ ​objects'.

27 July 2016
Sculpture Luggage

Finals of the LIVE WORKS performance act award 2016.

23 July 2016 until 30 July 2016
Object in Context

Workshop at Buitenkunst for every-
one aged 16 and above. More info.

17 July 2016
A sculpture like you and me

Medical ethicist Sarah Boers and I present the performance 'A sculpture like you and me' at Lokaal 1b.

01 July 2016 until 10 July 2016

Residency in Dro, Italy, for the finalists of the LIVE WORKS performance act award 2016.

19 June 2016
De Appel

During the event 'Are you a sculpture?' at De Appel, curated by Trebelsee, medical ethicist Sarah Boers and I present our performance 'A sculpture like you and me'.

29 May 2016
Besluiteloze Objecten?

Contribution for Tubelight magazine, in collaboration with art historian Arthur Steiner Read the article.

23 September 2015 until 23 October 2015
Festival of Minimal Actions

Thomas Geiger will perform the work 'Object + Magnum Spatula' by David and me in his 2nd Festival of Minimal Actions in the public space of Paris.

03 September 2015

Performance at KW Berlin, as part of the series 'THE PERFORMATIVE MINUTE'.

01 September 2015 until 06 January 2016

Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Fine Arts to the Preparatory Year.

26 July 2015 until 02 August 2015
The abandoned Mines

David and I show our work 'Object + Magnum Spatula' in this groupshow at CentraleFies in Italy.

11 July 2015 until 18 July 2015

Giving workshops at Buitenkunst Drenthe. See you there!

04 July 2015 until 19 July 2015
No Performance Please

Solo exhibition at kunstencentrum BUDA. Curated by the 14 graduates of TEBEAC Gent.

28 June 2015 until 30 August 2015
Something Thrown in the Way of the Observer

Group exhibition at Museum van Loon in Amsterdam.

12 June 2015 until 25 September 2015
GET LOST art route

Audio companion in collaboration with David Bernstein and Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson.

10 June 2015 until 18 July 2015

Six newly created short plays to be performed in an installation by me at Borough Market, London. Info/tickets.

25 April 2015
Umkleide II

Performance night in Mönchengladbach. Part of music festival 'Ensemblia 2015'.

11 April 2015 until 17 May 2015
To Get There

Group exhibition at All Together Now. Opening 10 April, 19:00-21:30, Robert Fruinstraat 35, Rotterdam.

04 February 2015 until 08 February 2015

Small non edible bites, for convenient art consumption on busy days. Sold by Cafe Bel at RCartfair.

17 January 2015 until 18 January 2015
Stedelijk Museum

THINGS ARE HAPPENING sticker book for sale at Book Fair by San Serriffe art book shop.

01 September 2014 until 01 January 2015

Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Fine Arts to the Preparatory Year.

02 August 2014 until 09 August 2014

I give a workshop (speciaalweek) at Buitenkunst Randmeer. Join in!

15 May 2014
The Unturned

Contribution to the online archive The Unturned.

15 February 2014 until 16 March 2014

Solo exhibition at Kunstverein Düsseldorf

06 January 2014 until 17 July 2014

Atelierstipendium in M'gladbach, DE. Series of 7 events plus the publication of a catalogue. 

08 November 2013

Contribution to the publication 'Apotheosis' by Roodkapje , Rotterdam.

05 October 2013

Solo exhibition at Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam.

01 August 2013

In the summer of 2012 and 2013, I gave workshops Fine Arts to adults at Buitenkunst.

13 April 2013
HENK in de Fabriek

Continuous performance for the factory edition of HENK.

05 March 2013 until 07 April 2013

Residency, lecture and solo exhibition in Basel (CH) at Falko

01 March 2013
Lost & Found

I presented a short performance during a bus tour by Lost & Found. Review by Mediamatic.

23 November 2012

An adjusted version of my graduation work will be shown at Elders Den Haag during Hoogtij.

19 October 2012 until 02 December 2012

Groupshow in W139.

29 September 2012

In September I'll live and work in HAL 25, culminating with a guided tour through Overstad.

04 July 2012 until 08 July 2012

The Graduation Exhibition at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

02 July 2012
Fine Arts Award 2012

The Fine Art department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy has a prize for 'best graduation candidate'. I won it!

31 March 2012 until 04 April 2012
Creating a Context

Cross-disciplinary Erasmus IP in Bologna, Italy. More info here.

21 January 2011 until 05 February 2011
Rietveld in the Old Church

Exhibition by 40 students, selected through applications.

08 August 2010
Beyond Bionne

During a residency in Chateaugay, France, me and five fellow students created an exhibition in an abandoned church.